wilbium has been performing music across Northeastern Pennsylvania and New York since the early nineties. He began playing in a band called Bliss later known as Serotonin. wilbium performed live solo trance acts at many of the areas underground dance scene. He went on to perform shows with Soundmine Recording Studio’s producer Daniel Malsch doing showcase shows for Epic records at shows in New York City including CBGB’s.  He worked producing beats and recording with Dreadchild of the Knotz. He has recorded over twenty full length albums ranging in style from trance to punk to industrial metal to pop alternative to classical to hip hop and more. wilbium puts everything he has got into his recording and into being the best live performer in the area. You never know what to expect next. wilbium’s live shows feature his production and include live vocals, drum machine, synthesizers and guitar with projected visuals all synced to the music. wilbium has been using the latest technology to create music and art his entire life and works extremely hard every day at perfecting and improving his craft.


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